Friday, 2 June 2017

Iskandar Jalil, Mud slinging.

Mud slinging.... various stages of the delicate application of that rarest of rare things... Singapore mud in SW London, to the Iskandar Jalil book. The first image is of the fine, dry mud being spooned onto the recessed area of the back board having been prepared with an adhesive before hand of course. The 2nd image is a little detail of the upper left hand corner of the board prior to the unstuck mud being brushed off with my trusty Hake brush. The final 3 images show the extreme left of the back board having had a varnish applied and allowed to drip dry..... So, for those detractors of my work who say to anyone that will listen to them... "Mark Cockram and his is work is s☟❦t ".. Well for once they may be right. LOL

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