Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Post Clay Travels. New work on the bench and towards New York.

 I was recently chatting with a studio guest, about how I came to end up doing what I am doing. I recounted aspects of my school life and after, the usual art, Paris trip thing. It was much later that I reminded myself of one thing I did at school.

 For the last 2 years of my time at South Axeholme Comprehensive school in Epworth, a guy in my class called Nick Snow from West Butterwick ( I think) and myself made the school magazine.
 I am pretty sure other people worked on the magazine and we were under the eyes of one of the teachers of course. We did all sorts, it was great fun. This was of course before there was even the thought of a computer in the school. everything was typed with a typewriter (lots of correction fluid) real cut and paste and lots of photo copying.
 We interviewed teachers, not via fb or emails we actually got off our arses and went to the teachers office and asked real questions to a real person in real time. I know... very heady stuff. We did comic strips, adverts for the tuck shop. Term times and events. I even remember us doing a cross word. 

Perhaps I have not lost that initial buzz of the making, the achievement  of making the 'Zine' of our first sale......

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