Sunday, 4 June 2017

Iskandar Jalil, Clay Travels

 A day for working and remembering.  Work continues on the Iskandar Jalil binding.  I know I should not say this but I am having so much fun. When at art college all those years ago I studied ceramics. I enjoyed my one afternoon a week in the pot shop as it was called. How those wonderful memories have been re-kindled.
 The light blue modeling clay has been coloured using acrylics whilst the pinkish/red has been coloured using soil from Singapore. The delicate shade hides its origin... mud.

 I am trying to evoke the work of Jalil, however he is varied in his output and with a huge raft of work it is easy to find inspiration.

 The work to the back board is not complete yet. more has to be done but the foundation is there.

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