Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Iskandar Jalil, When Clay Travels. International competitions, education and waiting.

With the doublers finished and the book allowed to rest for a while it was my intention to get on with the box. A simple affair in dark blue with a touch of special to the spine... However... things get in the way and the best of plans etc.

Some time ago, months in fact I had been asked if I would be one of three judges for an international book binding competition. One is of course flattered and I agreed. It was only after agreeing that I realised that being a judge is with its ups and downs. More of this later.. but a day went with me and my fellow judges pondering books from the resolute traditionalist to the conceptual artists/performance book. Pleasant but still hard work

The following day was spent sitting in a meeting of an education committee. Nuts and bolts time.

The box is taking shape. All will be complete in a few days time. It has been a good.

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