Thursday 24 January 2008

At Work in Studio 5

Books, bones,bike seats and pulleys. A small selection of some of the research material that one studio member was using to work on a project. I am sure that it was all worthwhile.

Studio members. Design and making.

Infilling and pulling the boards. Time is spent to ensure that the inside of the binding is as good as the outside. Patience and practise.

Part of the Standing Press.

The Board Chopper.

A general shot of the studio, previous students will notice the amount of space and the new work surfaces. I have to thank everyone who helped.

Wednesday 16 January 2008

Studio 5 is open

Yes, with only the floor left to paint (this will be done over a number of nights) the studio is open. There is more floor space more that will make working a lot easier. A new blocking machine and the laying press has wheels !

It is just as well as studio members will be coming in at the weekend and I have a visitor from Japan coming in tomorrow (Thursday). Things are so organised, I even have a list of projects that I have to do, it is a little scary.

Images will follow soon as will details of new courses.

Thursday 10 January 2008

Studio 5 up-date

The studio is in chaos, bin bags have been leaving the studio with alarming regularity, new shelves have been put up and taken down, only to be put up again.
One of the outcomes is space. Not lots of space but more space.
New equipment has been brought in and existing equipment checked over and re-positioned. I trust that the arrival of the new work surfaces will begin to bring things together.

I am looking forward to the 15th January when Studio 5 will be open with a new set of workshops, opening times and structured courses.
Of course, the open studio sessions will continue.

Forthcoming Events

Saturday the 26th of January.

A day of lectures at The Art Workers Guild by Designer Bookbinders.

The lectures will cover many topics to do with the book given by
the good and the great.

The day starts at 10.30 am with David Penton (Studio 5 Member),
Mark Cockram (me) and M Kunikata-Cockram
(Fellow of Designer Bookbinders and my better half)
The lecture will be an account of the genesis, setting up and impact of the 'Beautiful British Books' exhibition held in Japan in 2006. This exhibition toured three venues and featured the work of the Fellows and Licentiates of Designer Bookbinders.

There will be other speakers and this promises to be an interesting day for all who work or live with the book.

For more information please visit:

Venue: The Art Workers Guild,6 Queen Square,London,WC1

Nearest Underground stations are Holborn and
Russell Square.