Tuesday 26 February 2019

Set of six miniature artists books.

It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce that the set of six miniatures will remain a set. They have been acquired by a private collector in London.

Sunday 24 February 2019

Flatford Mill, Constable and bookbinding.

 Last week I embarked on a new aspect of my teaching and sharing bookbinding and book arts. A good friend of mine and a very nice chap, who we shall call Mr X (that is not George's real name, I have made up the Mr X bit) decided to see other pastures afresh. In doing so he vacated an Associate - Residential Teaching Post in beginners and improver's bookbinding. It came as a surprise to be asked if I would be interested in the post. I was reluctant but decided to go and see the place.....

 After traversing the transport hell that is London I found myself on a train... countryside bound.. destination Suffolk. In more detail, perhaps one of the most recognisable of all English countryside tea towels, jigsaws, cake tin lids and the like.
 I of course mean ... the Hay Wain.  Constable's painting is based on a site in Suffolk, near Flatford on the River Stour. the Hay Wain, a type of horse-drawn cart, stands in the water in the foreground.

No Bull !!!
 Behind the camera view finder is Flatford Mill, charming. That is the venue. In short, I agreed to take the post, to carry on the work of Mr X.
My usual journey to work, though inspirational, usually involves the bus and walking with the usual orchestra of police and other emergency vehicles, the irate and the frustrated worker or flustered self-important road user whilst dodging  the pavement mafia... Cyclists  - Lycra bullies who constantly break the law and endanger not only pedestrians lives but their own... why?,  because unlike other road users they do not have to pass a test or have a license, in other words.. untraceable. Please note, I used to cycle a lot, both in the countryside and in London, I still have a cycle which I still use, not all cyclists are F**************************ds, only the ones who feel they are above the petty nature of the highway code, politeness and safety. I also have a driving license.

I digress...

 Peace and calm, the walk to breakfast...
 The breakfast... please note other breakfasts are available, some with cereal and fruit !!!????

 The view once again...
 And with a mini finishing press by the very gifted Louis Kwok of Singapore.

The calm before the storm, the Constable Room. Though there is not much in the way of equipment... yet.. much is done by hand. A refreshing change. For those interested.. there are 4 courses a year.