Monday 22 February 2010

The Four Gospels. Collage and paint.

A little rough and the collage images not right but like the way this is developing.
Perhaps a combination of the previous ideas and this.... only one way to find out.... Do it.

The Four Gospels. Working 4 ways.

One of the design ideals is that the Four Gospels has a design that works in 4 ways. First is that the design works in a pictorial form with the four becoming one. Perhaps fragments of individual faces forming one coherent image.

Second is the four to work in the round.

Third is that the four work in a panorama.
Finally, that the end papers work in the linear (more on this later)

The design is fluid at the moment but am very much thinking about collage and using paint. The texture and colour....... we will see what develops.

Wednesday 10 February 2010

The Four Gospels. Boards on and designing.

Both boards are on the maquette and the book structure looks as if it is going to work. Now comes the design process. With this sort of work I tend to work directly on the boards. First I pencil in the lines, notes on colour and the like.

Then I paint the black lines in. I have chosen to use a quick dry, cold enamel paint. I like the way the line works, the tension of the thick and thin. I some ways I am beginning to treat this book in much the same way as Icons. The more I work this way the more my interest is heightened in mixing media.

Next is the white ares. This is in acrylic with these areas being made ready for the collage work. The way the brush leaves small lines catches the eye, this exercise is fun.

Finally, for the time being that is, the red is applied. Again acrylic and again with a brush. I am hoping to create a stained glass effect. The image will be of a stylised arch with biblical middle and back grounds glimpsed through the arch (back board) with a winged man (sign of St Mark) with an Icon like image of part of St Mark's face. I am quite excited,