Wednesday 27 May 2009

The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde. The last panel take shape.

The last panel, again derived from an old glove. The fingers have been moulded around the base of a Victorian medicine bottle, found at low tide in the mud of the Thames river, near the studio. The effect is disturbing, an image has been placed under the glass, the inner self seen through the windows of our eyes.

Detail of the final panel (sorry for the image quality)

Monday 25 May 2009

The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde. The front board panels take shape.

Work continues. More panels to the front board, hand dyed leather and more glove work. Reverse and a small printed paper panel.

Detail of the paper panel. A soft plate off-set print of Victorian glasses, the colours in tune with the end papers, leading the reader into the text.

Saturday 23 May 2009

the Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde. The back board panels take shape.

The structure for this binding is based on a disappearing spine, Bradel binding. The spine has been covered in reverse goat skin. The spots are a natural result of the dyeing process. I think they look like bubbles in a strange potion. The first two panels have been applied to the back board.
The first is from an antique ladies evening glove with a seam running down the middle (ish). The second is a panel resembling a Victorian news paper cutting, a stop press of a murder.

Working on the lower panel. An image from the London Illustrated News of the 1880s, has been transferred to a panel, again covered in a ladies evening glove. The seam forms a break in the panel. The area to the left of the seam is worked over with a technical pen.

The resulting image when applied to the binding. With only part of the face worked the other half almost disappears, almost a transition between the two personalities.

Detail of the lower panel.

Monday 18 May 2009

The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde.

A Fantastic read, with this particular volume having dark images. A lot to get one's teeth into. The original case was removed and kept as the owner wants all the stuff keeping. As this is a commission I would do this any way.
As you can see from the image the book was originally rounded and backed. Over the years the rounding has given way leaving a rather flat spine. Other considerations.... There is not a square edge, line or angle to be found. The edges are rather uneven with the deckle and brisk cutting. All in all this book is going to be interesting to work on.
With some commissions I find myself working to a budget.... let work commence.

After the spine was cleaned, I judged that the sewing was sound and was able to move on to the end papers. I managed to find an old print of a lab with all the flasks, bunson burners, pipes, and strange shapes that one thinks of. With further manipulation with pencil, crayon and tipex I was able to make soft plate off-set prints. The colours are sharp, moving from acid yellow through to rich re, perhaps the lab through the eyes of both Jekyll and Hide.

The head was already coloured red, the end band is sewn in a green silk with a red leather skirting which has been brought round to cover the ends of the end band core.

Detail of the tail and the disappearing spine, Bradel binding. The structure will allow me to use a double board and offer a degree of flexibility to the finished design.

Tuesday 5 May 2009

MARMITE and the Pestival

I do not think that this image needs any explanation.

So, what is it all about ? I hear you say. Well, later in the year I will be participating in a huge celebration/exhibition of the insect world at the Royal Festival Hall on London's south bank. The exhibition is called 'Pestival'. Part of my work is with the Dermesitdae, more commonly referred to as Skin Beetles, or Hide Beetles ( Dermestes maculatus)

As a bookbinder I often age or tint papers for resteration using a variety of food stuffs, such as Marmite. The problem is that the Dermestidae love Marmite and the like, which is not good for the book but very useful for this particular art work. The paper on the left was left in a tray of dilute Marmite for some ten minutes, the paper on the right is the control.

The intention is to make a book using marmite to tint the paper and to print with. The book will then be placed in an controled environment with the previously mentioned bugs. The book or what is left of it will be removed and displayed along side the film of the making and eating of it.
I spend my life making books, for the next few months I shal be making books to be destroyed, interesting concept.

Sunday 3 May 2009

Marmite and research.

Today was spent working with MARMITE and researching corsets. Not a bad day on the whole.

Now I understand that you may be thinking that I may have had an early glass of wine but no. All of this work is to do with books.

It is a hard life.