Friday 10 May 2013

Dubai Literary Festival, doors in place.

We arrived fresh from Emirates Airline (many thanks to all the staff and a cracking breakfast at Stanstead) a day before the main body of the lit fest folk to enable us to work on our doors.

Predictably at every point I was stopped and bags searched.... What was I doing with a single woollen glove ? Why is the bolt painted blue ? What is a bone folder ? After explaining and drawing diagrams and a lot of miming I was let into Dubai. Met by some of the Lit Fest staff and whisked away to the hotel centre. A blissful night in preparation for the day to follow.

I wish I had images of us working, outside ( the hotel people did not want paint on their new floors ) In temperatures reaching 90 in the shade (if we had shade) By the end of the day we had finished, installed our doors alongside 3 local artists and went to the bar for a well deserved soft drink.

Other things for Dubai...

A last minute, well last few days order for a presentation book for one of the main Festival Bods.