Wednesday 20 May 2015

This morning I was informed that The Victoria and Albert Museum will be acquiring 'Through the Looking Glass' for their permanent collection for public display in the National Art Library.
Through the Looking Glass will form part of my exhibition at the ABA Book Fair at Olympia. A great chance to see some of my most recent work (in the flesh as it were) and to add to your collection.For FREE tickets please visit their web site......

Wednesday 6 May 2015

LIVE! Demonstrations & Activities

Live! Masters

In addition to our other activities described below, LIVE! Masters is the Fair's new series of one-day book arts demonstrations. Be sure to visit stand L07 each day of the Fair to see a different artist at work.

Thursday: Margaret Costa

Margaret has been fore-edge painting since 1973. She has completed commissions for the British Museum, Foyles, Hatchards and other antiquarian booksellers, also for numerous private clients. Most recently, she has worked with Jeff Weber on his Annotated Dictionary of Fore-Edge Painting. Margaret will demonstrate fore-edge painting, a special technique that became popular in the late 18th Century, in which a painting is made on the edge of a book so that it only appears when the pages are fanned and disappears when the book is closed.

Friday: Paul Antonio, Scribe

Paul Antonio trained as a calligrapher, gilder and heraldic artist with a specialism in historical tools and materials. He also trained as an Archaeological Illustrator specialising in Cuneiform and Egyptian Hieroglyphs. His passion is writing and how the written word is executed. “It is not not only about the practice, the physical activity of writing, a big part of it is about the academic study of the craft, being an artisan is more about thinking than doing.” In his demonstration-lecture you will see, and hear, how different tools shaped 2500 years of lettering, as well as have the opportunity to see it written at book scale. Come enjoy the excitement our writing generates!

Saturday: Stuart Brockman, Master Bookbinder

Stuart graduated from Imperial College London and joined his father James to train as a bookbinder. He was elected a Fellow of Designer Bookbinders in 2004 and continues to work with his father under the business name James and Stuart Brockman Ltd, where they specialise in Modern Fine Bindings and the restoration and conservation of manuscripts and early printed books. He has taught across Europe and North America and has Modern Fine Bindings in collections worldwide. Stuart will be demonstrating gold finishing techniques used in both traditional and modern binding work. Gold finishing has been used for hundreds of years to decorate the spines and covers of leather-bound books.

Binding a Limited Edition Book

Mark Cockram - Studio 5 Book Arts

Participants will be provided with a small limited edition letterpress text incorporating an illustration designed especially for the Olympia Book Fair, and will bind it in cloth and unique decorated papers.
Family friendly but children under 16 must be supervised by an adult at all times.
Two sessions on each day of the fair, morning and evening. Cost is £15 per person, and must be booked in advance by emailing Mark directly:
Mark is sponsored at the Fair by Abby Schoolman.
 Watch Mark making a binding at Studio 5:

Mini Studio 5

Mark Cockram - Studio 5 Book Arts

Drop by anytime during the Fair to watch Mark Cockram making books using a variety of common and unusual materials. Engage and ask questions to learn about the creative nature of contemporary book binding and book arts. Handmade and designer books will also be offered for sale starting at £20.
Family friendly.
Ongoing except when Mark's Binding Workshop is in progress twice a day, no need to book.
Mark is sponspored at the Fair by Abby Schoolman.

Letterpress Hand Setting

St. Bride Library

Hand compose a name with metal type, drop it into a forme, and then print on a galley press.
Family friendly.
Ongoing, no need to book.

Printing on an Adana Press

St. Bride Library

Printing a pre-set commemorative bookmark.
Family friendly.
Ongoing, no need to book.

Decorating an Open Face Letter

St. Bride Library

Provided with a printed template, design your own large decorative letter likes the ones seen in historical books.
Family friendly.
Ongoing, no need to book.

Demonstration of Wood Engraving & Lino Cutting

St. Bride Library

View a demonstration of both techniques and cut and print a small linocut of your own.
Family friendly.
Ongoing, no need to book.

Demonstration of Decorative Onlays by Annette Friedrich

Designer Bookbinders

Leather onlay is a traditional decorative technique with broad potential to create very modern designs. In this demonstration Designer Bookbinders Fellow Annette Friedrich will demonstrate a variety of onlay techniques, from preparation to application.
Family friendly.
Evening of Thursday, 28 May. 2 hours. No need to book.

Page Edge Decoration Demonstration

Designer Bookbinders

Book edges can be decorated in many ways. Historically, this had many different purposes, from protection to preventing forgery. Come and watch bookbinders demonstrate both traditional and modern edge decorating.
Family friendly.
Morning & afternoon. Friday, 29 May. 1 to 2 hours.
No need to book.

Page Edge Decoration Workshop

Designer Bookbinders

Try out a variety of edge decoration techniques. We’ll also show you how to decorate the edges of books & notebooks bought off the shelf to make them original creations.
Family friendly.
All day Friday, 29 May. No need to book.

Walking Tour with a Bookbinder

Designer Bookbinders

Saturday, 1.30pm. Please sign-up at the ABA Press Desk.
Not suitable for children.
Booking required.

Handcraft an Original Notebook

Designer Bookbinders

Come and make your first handmade notebook. You can design your original cover using rubber stamps and colours! This is a fun activity for a family and a good introduction to hand binding for children. Family friendly.
All day Saturday, 30 May.
No need to book.

From Calligraphy to a Relief Printed Book with Andy Moore
A Demonstration and Workshop of Calligraphy & Photopolymer Printing

Old Stile Press

Andy Moore’s recent edition of John Keats’ poem A Song About Myself was hand-written and then transferred to photopolymer plates to be printed in two colours at the Old Stile Press. This demonstration by Andy Moore will give an idea of how it was done and offers the opportunity to design your own page in a similar manner.
Family friendly.
Friday, 29 May. Around half an hour. Need time.
No need to book.

Create Your Own Miniature Book in this Workshop

Old Stile Press

Make your own miniature book like those produced at the Old Stile Press. Start with a large piece of paper that you measure, fold, and cut, then sew it together and add a cover.
Family friendly.
Saturday, 30 May. Around half an hour – there may be multiple sessions depending on interest.
No need to book.

Designing a Repeating Pattern for Covers & Endpapers

Old Stile Press

In this workshop you will learn how a design can be multiplied to create a repeating pattern, with examples drawn from a collection of twenty printed papers by Robin Tanner, Angela Lemaire, and other designers. You can then create your own pattern or use the examples to to create a cover for a small book or a bookmark.
Family friendly.
Thursday, 28 May. Around half an hour. Need time.
No need to book.

Monotype Printing

Linda Landers

Multimedia artist Linda Landers will be demonstrating monotype printing, which can be used to create extremely detailed and sophisticated imagery using line and colour in expressive and immediate ways. Families are welcome to try the technique with water based paints. They may bring a drawing or image to work from or create something directly from the imagination.
Family friendly. Ongoing, no need to book.

Photography for Booksellers

Tom Dupre

Information coming soon
Book in Time | 書語有時
Hong Kong Book Art Festival 2015 |
Opening Reception | 開幕酒會
6 Jun 2015 (Sat) 15:00-18:00

Exhibition Period | 展期
6-14 Jun 2015 11:00-20:00
***14 Jun will be closed at 18:00
Program Application or Enquiries | 報名或查詢
Hong Kong Miniature Book Association
Contact Person: Ms. Wong / Ms. Lo
Tel: 2556 0499

Bookbinding workshop.
¼ Cloth Case Binding ¼布包精裝書工作坊
Tutor: Mark Cockram
Date: 8 Jun 2015 (Mon) 7:30-9:30pm
Capacity: 20 person
Fee: $350 (included materials)
Venue: Unit L7-19, JCCAC

In the workshop the participants will be able to make a single section, ¼ Cloth Case Bound Book. The text block is a limited edition of 20, hand set type with a 2 colour lino cut. The colophon includes space for the maker to sign his or her book. The decorative paper is Flotage. Each book is unique.
The workshop will be led by demonstrations with tips and tricks for perfect corners etc.