Wednesday 3 November 2021

SeQUEnce XCIX..... a combination of time and order of events or happenings

SeQUEnce XCIX is a combination of time and order of events or happenings. 


Time, each element of the physical making was deigned to take no longer than 99 minutes.
Order, the sequence in which the various steps, though isolated in movement and time, become a singular object.

In SeQUEnce XCIX I have used both free form  and stencil spray work to produce a larger-scale series of spreads that respond to and discover a personal sense of order and disorder. I expanded on this by working on large sheets of water colour paper, later cut down to form the text block, either on an easel or in the flat. This method of working allows me to approach the surface from all angles. Not being reliant on the dogma of a perceived or assumed composition allows a more personal, vibrant and improvisatory way of working. 

Dimensions : 421mm x 298mm x 11mm When closed.
Year of binding  2021
A minimalist hand dyed leather, flat-tight back binding. Laminated board attachment to cloth covered boards with applied mixed media. Drum Leaf Text Block.

Soooo... the sequences or steps of the making of SeQUEnce XCIX

First was the text block. A drum leaf construction of 4 spreads. Starting with large sheets of water colour paper. Later these would be trimmed to size and put together.

Once the text block had been made I started work on the boards. Cloth covered with applied mixed media.

With the under colours and textures complete... I have been able to title the work and apply the last lot of colour.


The boards have been attached using a double lamination method... not too dissimilar to the Library Style of binding.
The boards have been covered in a bookcloth with additional mixed media added.
For the student of bookbinding it is something to remember perhaps... Book cloth can be very versatile, there is so much one can do with it. I always suggest to my students to explore the possiblilities of cloth, afterall other artists/painters use canvas to work on... why not book artists and book binders? Explore and experiment.
I know that most students want to get on to the sexy stuff of working with leather as soon as possible. Perhaps in doing so they miss out on so much, so many possibilities......
How the book stands

The box......

Personally I feel that the box or protective enclosure for and book is important. Akin to the canvas artist's frame, the box protects and informs. It also sets the scene as it were, much as a poorly made or ill-considered frame can take away from the painting, a box or enclosure that does not fit, difficult to open or poorly made can create the wrong impression.

Book in a box!

The spreads....

And finally, once again... The binding.