Friday 31 July 2015

An Advertiser's Alphabet.

 Now that the main body of the binding structure has been completed I can begin to create elements of the art work. The working base for this is a sheet of conservation board which I have sized with a PVA Yamato Nori mix.

 Next to layer small sheets of a mould made paper, overlapping as I work

 This helps to create a texture.

 And when painted the texture becomes visible. The ironic thing is that all of this may never be seen again. I need this for the next stages...

 Layering up adverts and the like, layer upon layer. Coats of paint and more layers.

 On and on until I decide to start to tear away the surface.

The aim is to create a wall covered in posters, adverts and the like. Only small elements will be used in the final binding.

Tuesday 28 July 2015

An Advertiser's Alphabet

An Advertiser's Alphabet.. This is a super little book recently published by The Reading Room Press.
Great care and attention to all the details.
The text is wonderfully printed...

With the illustrations being so alive they dance out of the page. They have a spontaneous clarity and lightness of touch that delights the eye.
I will be working on three copies. One for the publisher, one for relatives of Ceri Richards and one for me. This is a very limited edition binding run. Though I will be working on all three at the same time each book will be different, each its own character with common elements threading the three together.
I would like to show what I do with some of my edition work. The bindings do not have to be the identical like a machine production line....

Saturday 11 July 2015

Book in Time.

Book in Time.... Curated Tiana Wong. Participating artists; Miyako Akai, Amber Au, Chan Hei Shing, Rachel Cheung, Chihoi, Simou Chow, Mark Cockram, Jayne Dyer, Fung On-sung, Jade Lam, Lam Pei, Cucumber Leung, Iris Lo, Eris Tsang, Yo Yamazaki, Bobby Yu, eggwich and Tiana Wong.

 Hong Kong.

 Lecture time, a quite chat with a cool group of people.

Q and A.... Up close and personal.