Tuesday 6 November 2018

Studio 5 Masterclass.

The aim of the one day course is to introduce at least 4 techniques of paper decoration for bookbinders, book artists .. in short anyone who works with paper. The course has been developed with the beginner in mind but is open to those wishing to have a refresher. The 4 key decorative techniques explored will be; Sunago, a Chinese/Japanese method of applying real gold leaf on paper. Flottage, Flottage is floating colour on water and transferring the colour to paper, generally used by experimental artists and is a combination of traditional marbling and Suminagashi. Paste Paper. Paste Paper is a traditional method of decorating papers using.... paste. The last key technique will be Coulage, the application of colour by dripping. From those 4, depending on the time left we will be moving onto Reverse Transfer, Abrasive Frottage, simple stencil work and the like. There will be demonstrations on stretching paper and simple equipment making. I am a great believer in workshop participants being able to further develop without having to purchase expensive, specialist equipment. The day will be intensive. We will start at 10, breaking for lunch at 1. There are a number of fine eating places within a few minutes of the studio, suitable for all budgets. We resume at 2 finishing at between 4.30 and 5. There will be a maximum of 4 participants each day. The fee is £100. This includes all materials, use of the studio equipment dodgy coffee and biscuits. Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions, would like payment details etc etc.