Thursday 8 July 2021



My biblionautic chums and friends. 
The last few weeks have been busy, busy but not bench busy. Articles and stuff to be written, studio to be moved round to create more bench space and the repair of old brown books. Odd minutes working on the bench have been rare and cherished.
So, you ask, what is new? Well the latest in the Icon Series is new... The Greatest.

Yes, I refer to

Muhammad Ali

Of course. 

So many numbers in his life. When I was younger, much younger, Ali was always in the news or on the TV.

This particular Icon is a small trip down memory lane, when to be world famous you had to be something else, something special.

Inaddition there is a new exhibition in BASE
IMBRE 2021.
Mark Cockram.
A hand made Artists Book. Inspired by urban Graffiti .
Mixed media including, paper and leather. Neo Tight-Flat Back Binding.
BASE exhibition No 4
 Please note there are other Icons, opinions..... spelling and grammar. Please further note, the opinion of the author may change at any moment. This is due to having an open mind of sorts.