Sunday 15 September 2013

Bookbinding workshop in Manila.

Back to Manila in October.

Bookbinding Workshop with Mark Cockram

Mark Cockram is an internationally exhibited contemporary bookbinder, book artist and installation artist based in London. He has ongoing long-term projects which include methods of working with design bindings, print techniques and ways in which the book can be viewed within the context of the exhibition and the public/private collection. All workshops participants will be taught to make two books using a variety of traditional techniques. Date: October 27, 2013 (Sunday) Time: 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm Place: The Forum, 4/L Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street Fee: P4,000 with the complete kit The bookbinding workshop is intended for beginners and introduces the fundamentals in the art and craft of hand book binding. Mark will demonstrate each step, explaining technical points and tips along the way. The participants will be making 2 books from individually prepared kits. Each kit will consist of everything needed to make a Single Section, hard bound book (approximately 12.5 cm x 10 cm) and a non adhesive Zigzag Book (approximately 12 cm x 7 cm) All the hand tools including Bone Folder (specialist paper folding tool), linen thread, quality papers and adhesives are included. Extra decorative papers and an instruction sheet will be included allowing the student to go on to produce more books. The decorative papers have been produced especially for the workshop by Mark Cockram ensuring that every participant will have their own unique books to take home. Inquiries and registration: Limited slots only! 

Man Booker, late sheets.

The sheets (text block folded but not cut or sewn) did not arrive until Friday afternoon, about 3 days late. During the time I Read the reading copy twice and started on the end papers. First some lino cuts.

Then the first pulls, which I thought were ok, getting the effect I wanted first time is a bit of a rare thing for me.

Next came a wire coat hanger, changing from a hanger to a noose.

Final prints for the end papers.

At last I could sew up the text block. The grain direction is all wrong, the paper is the same quality as in a paper back and the margins so narrow that there is no balance...  However, we press on.

Wednesday 11 September 2013

Man Booker 2013

My Man Booker binding for this year is;