Monday 20 January 2020

Marilyn Monroe. Finished.

MM is finished. Now that the box is finished and the collector informed MM will have a couple of days in the studio. 35.4cm x 23.5cm x 1.2cm when closed. Hand printed, Affiches Lacérées and hand coloured 'Drum Leaf' text block, Full linen, laminated board attachment. Flat back, contemporary tooling.Hand coloured leather, mixed media for the binding. Paper, print (soft plate off-set...oil based) and mixed media for the text block. . In-laid panel boards, prints as before with Affiches Lacérées.
On to the next work.........

Thursday 16 January 2020

Dante revisited.

Dante revisited. Full cloth, hand coloured binding, drum leaf with collage and mixed media. 42.8cm x 25cm x 1.3cm when closed. The 9 rings.

Monday 13 January 2020

The final stretch with Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn so far........ All is now ready for the edge work on the doublers and the end papers to be put down. 35.4cm x 23.5cm x 1.2cm when closed. Leather, mixed media for the binding. Paper, print (soft plate off-set...oil based) and mixed media for the text block.

Friday 3 January 2020

more layers to Marilyn Monroe

Monroe ready for the final work.... the layers have been applied. I have to say that the binding feels wonderful in the hand......

Wednesday 1 January 2020

Marilyn Monroe Takes Shape.

Monroe begins to take

Monroe begins to take shape. Torn posters and images. I want the boards to have a texture, as near possible to an advertising hoarding. Layers upon layers, hidden and seen. Subtle under linning compliments the text block. Materials are board, posters, paper and hand coloured leather.

Never Mind the E-books

My biblionaughtic chums and other friends ....................Never Mind...... The first completed book. Hand folded sections, hand sewn, un-cut text block using 5 Seasons 110gsm recycled paper. 3/4 cloth with hand coloured paper to front board. 82pp. A 5 format, 21.7cm x 15.5cm. Each has an old school separate squared sheet to help those wishing to write in a straight line. Blocked in gold foil on the back board... Hand made in Studio 5 SW13..... Inspired by my youth and revolution. 

I want combine two important aspects of my life. As Studio 5 is situated a mere minutes walk from the Record Shop and a stones throw from the hub of the Arts and Crafts Movement... Hammersmith.. (the phrase.. Arts and Crafts was coined by the bookbinder Cobden-Sanderson of the very famous Doves Press/Doves Bindery, he went mad eventually. However he and his small team printed and bound some of the most exquisite books ever) I have used old school techniques, hand sewing etc, coupled with a evocative text from the Punk era and Fanzines of my younger days.