Tuesday 28 February 2012

The Liverpool Doors Project, the space.

We went to Liverpool to see the space for the exhibition. Still unfinished and not open to the public we were shown the spot. Big.
The i dea that we could use more doors was talked about and how we could get them.. we retired to a place of rest to think on...

Tuesday 14 February 2012

The Liverpool Doors Project, on the train again.

An other trip to Liverpool..... with the opening date being the 24th of February the final lap is to be run......

Sunday 12 February 2012

The Liverpool Doors Project, bigger model (skip treasure)

Fired with enthusiasm I made a larger model, this time out of old cupboard doors. With many people modernising their homes is that so much is thrown away, this includes doors. Used to line skips these unwanted lumps of wood find their way to tips and salvage yards, left to rot in corners.....
But Doors are an important part of our lives, we are carried through them in birth and death, they offer security, warmth and privacy. They welcome us, they deter us. Painted and decorated, often changing with trends and fashion they remain a door.

The idea was to collect doors from the Liverpool area that were going to be thrown away.... press and radio appeals then followed.

I have been told I have the perfect face for radio....

The Liverpool Doors Project, one member of the team...

An important member of our discussion group is Sonny.

Though we thought what were doing was interesting Sonny began to grow somewhat bored...

... and in the end gave up on us... until he had a treat or two....

The Liverpool Doors Project, scale models (Diddy Doors)

Roger had told the people at the New Museum of Liverpool the idea and set forth with a scale model of some doors. I am sure that it was not the model that did the trick but..... they said yes... WOW

Next was to see it on a larger scale....

The Liverpool Doors Project, a little research.

A trip to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford for a look at the writing tablets in the collection. With the historical president in place, we felt more and more comfortable with the concept.

Saturday 11 February 2012

The Liverpool Doors Project

With the opening of The Roger McGough Liverpool Doors Project only a couple of weeks away I have been busy...

It all began with The New Museum of Liverpool asking Roger McGough if he would put his words in the Museum... on the walls, windows and the like.

However Roger asked me if it would be possible to make a book... yes I said.... then we had another beer... how big could a book be ? the answer was how big do you want it ?

With notes and sketches being drawn on the backs of menus and wine lists (we were in the pub at the time) and slow working staff, a concept slowly took shape.....
At sometime during the evening doors as a cover for a book cropped up in the conversation. This being one of those evenings 'work' when many things are talked about I was able to rationale the use of doors. In the main they are made of wood and if we go back in time the boards of books were of wood. Further back Monotychs, Diptychs, triptychs and polytychs were made of wood... so no problem there.

As the evening wove its way towards the bell we worked with a frenetic pace, 'could the pages be made of wood ? yes was the answer, could we use doors ? well yes as we could make huge concertina books using hinges..... yes we would use doors.

The next step was to put our thoughts into action......

Saturday 4 February 2012

Designer Bookbinders Lecture

Dear Lecture Goers,

Just a reminder that the next Designer Bookbinders lecture is……..
GLEN BARTLEY A Retrospective.

Starting at 6.30 pm, Tuesday the 7th of February 2012

I have to own up and say that as a fan (on the quiet) of Glen’s work, I am delighted that after minimal persuasion, he agreed to give a talk about his work.

Though well known for his air brush work and binding in Vellum, there is much more to his output and this is a unique opportunity to understand more of the back ground in the development of his working methods and his individual approach to being an independent Bookbinder.

I look forward to seeing you there and have been assured that the heating is working.


The Art Workers Guild, 6 Queen Square, London WC1
Nearest underground stations: Holborn and Russell Square
Admission: DB members £5, non-­members £7, students £2.50 per lecture