Friday 8 February 2013

Emirates Airline Festival of Literature 2013

Preparing for the bookbinding workshops........

Monday 4 February 2013

Leda. The hole, with vellum around it.

For those of us who know Leda the swan feather is a crucial part of the design. Of course when I did not need to find a swan's feather they were a penny a pound. I spent a day wandering around various areas of water near the studio........ it was raining !

Sunday 3 February 2013

Emirates Airline Festival of Literature 2013

With about one month to go to the EAFL I am beginning the preparation of a new lecture and working out the materials for a work shop and a master class. Other things are on the boil as The Doors move to Dubai.

So, you ask, what has the Ministry of Funny Walks got to do with books ?  Come to the lecture and find out. For more information go to......

Leda, Leather on.

Ok, I know that it looks all over the shop at the moment. Trust me, I am a bookbinder. I have selected s piece of vellum to cover with. It is beautiful and I will be using one of the holes in the skin to add a swans feather, a little gold and a little colour.

This will be so simple in appearance, perhaps minimalist almost. Looking back at some of my work over the last few years that have been exuberant and robust (reflecting the content) Leda will test me.

I enjoy a challenge.