Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Later that day

With a class of mixed skills and abilities, new skills had to be learnt from both the student and the teacher. Once the the texts blocks were sewn the spines were glued up and pressed. This particular operation did pose one or two difficulties as we did not have a press. However, with two blocks of wood and a willing student, wonders can be achieved.

After sewing the text blocks were trimmed. I usually do this by hand or with a state of the art guillotine with flashing lights and all manner of safety features. There was a guillotine on site. I was told it would make short work of any cutting that had to be done.

Yep, it worked, oh how it worked.This is one of those times when I thought it prudent to let the students get on with things in their own way. One can just make out a swastika painted on the guillotine ( a religious symbol in the shape of a Greek cross ) The only other times I saw this symbol were on the front of huge lorries, cars and motorcycles. In the main these modes of transport were driven with the sort of elan that would make any stunt driver blanche. The symbol is used in the belief that it will bring good luck.
I suppose that it was one of those times that I had to forget my sensibilities, to use what was available and get on with the job. As my time with the students was limited I could not afford to be prissy.

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