Monday, 29 December 2008

Anandwan,Boxes part two.

After showing Mr Amru the intended work shop the demonstrations began.

I had already printed a series of images for the making of the boxes.
This was backed up with demonstrations.

As with any group of individuals, there was different skill and ability levels. Each student was treated as an individual, I find that it is better to find solutions before you find the problems. To look ahead, anticipated problems cease to be problems, just a series of solutions.

We worked with the available equipment.
Some of which would be frowned on in the UK. One such animal was the guillotine.

A beast of a machine. That said, it did the job.

It is always the same. You pay attention to the demonstration, you think that it is easy, no problem. Then work shop leader invites you to have a go. Then you wish you had paid more attention.

The secret is to be accurate, understand the materials you are using, accept that in the beginning mistakes will be made...learn from them and move on.

Pointing out the finer details.

Realising that as a teacher, it is just as important to learn from those you teach.

And when it is best to take a back seat and let the individual student shine.

One thing I did learn , the importance of the Tea Break.

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