Tuesday 8 September 2009

At last, the Pestival at the Royal Festival Hall.

After months of work, the making of books, the burying and eating of books and the subtle care and sympathetic restoration of what was left, the books make their way to the Royal Festival Hall. For some time I had been working out the display based on the dimensions of the display plinths given to me by the R F H people. Of course when I arrived I did not have the same plinths..... However with a bit of know-how and double sided tape it all came together.

Images of the insect eaten books, many thanks to Amoret at the NHM.
The pages have been reduced to the finest of laces. The light and texture create wonderful images within the paper and the text block.

The decayed book before the plinth was put in place.

Know-how and double sided tape.