Friday, 14 September 2012

Moroc... Les tresors du royaume, edge to edge doublers.

The doublers are hand printed and dyed with the same dye stuff used for the leather with a gentle covering of bookbinders varnish. That way there is a narrative between the outside and the inside of the book. I love the way in which the doublers join everything together.
The contrast between the doubler ( on the left ) and the endpaper ( to the right ) can be seen and I also hope the mirror like aspect.
Detail of the doubler, texture and colour.


Stephanie Gibbs said...

Could you say something about the success of the hinges, which are so compellingly discrete but obviously a part of the binding? Presumably they are the same dyed leather of the doubler, and where put up with the book open? Maybe a process photo...

Anonymous said...

I love the colours