Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Booklyn.. The outer Boards.

The ideal I am looking for is an Urban Grittiness. It is very rare that one technique that I am working with will follow on to another project but the work I have done with An Advertiser's Alphabet.. the poster work.. works so well that it is a logical answer.

The process starts with the laying out of image and text derived from various sauces. These are then painted over and more layers added.. Just as in real life, the surface undulates with the various layers.

Next is the waiting, waiting, waiting. Waiting for all to dry, to add the final top layer and then to start to rip or tear the surface and layers away. There is a degree of control about this but  one is at the whim of the natural, the spontaneous and happen chance. Much of the layers will never be seen but I know that those hidden layers exist.

Finally the outer boards for Booklyn are complete (perhaps) Now I can work on the inner boards.. The clock is ticking and I cannot make mistakes......

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