Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Wines in my Garden....

 Though there are many beautiful decorative and constructed papers available to buy, it is nearly always the case that there is never one that hits the nail on the head when working with an a particular design in mind.
For Wines in my Garden I wanted to use use tomatoes.

 In particular... Tomatoes on the vine. I wanted to simplify and to narrow the colour printing down to just 2 colours per end paper. First I mixed my inks and rolled out the base colours. A rich red and acid green/yellow. I then made a simple lino cut of the stem and leaves of a tomato vine and over printed. The end papers were then allowed to dry.

 I have been sharing with Erin Fletcher, a book binder from Boston, Massachusetts, some of my decorative techniques. this has been very cool as I have been able to use the woskshop demonstrations as a test for the design for the outer boards. The "Swiss Roll" technique (above) will provide stylized flowers.
Whilst the "Dicated" work (below) will provide the wine....

Wines in my Garden is a miniature book printed by the Whittington Press.

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