Friday 20 November 2020

London Scenes...... Is finished.


My biblionautic chums and friends.
London Scenes. Hand dyed leather and cloth collage. Edge to edge doublers. Yamato Toji style binding. 23.5cm x 19cm x 1.1cm when closed.
A commission for The Clothworkers' Company founded in 1528 is finished. I was inspired by the wood engravings in the text block. If, my dear reader you are interested.... I encourage you could look up.... London Scenes. The Whittington Press 2001. Wood engravings by Hellmuth Weissenborn. Then I hope all will come together.
The final image is from one of the boxes (3 in total) with recessed panels of the leather collage work.
Please note there are other ways of doing things, binding styles and opinions..... spelling and grammar. Please further note, the opinion of the author may change at any moment. This is due to having an open mind... of sorts.....
London Scenes. Front and back boards with spine.

The texture.

Dark detail.

Edge to edge paper doublers, highlight the sky line.

Spine, hinging detail of the Yamato Toji style construction. External skyline.

Panel collage - leather work detail in the boxes.

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