Sunday, 24 April 2022

Studio 5 Masterclass in Knife Sharpening for the Bookbinder.


My biblionautic chums and friends.
Today in Studio 5... A Masterclass in knife sharpening for the book binder/bookartist/restorer etc.
Unlike many teaching establishments my minimum number for any class is one with a maximum of five (It is Studio 5 afterall). Today is one!. The participant DM'd/emailed me asking for a special class, it is as easy as that.
We will be investigating different methods, stones and the like. Along with edge paring practise with calf, goat skin, vellum/parchment and paper.
Please note.... there are other studios/binderies doing stuff, spelling and grammar. Please further note, the opinion of the author may change at any moment. This is due to having an open mind of sorts.


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