Wednesday, 16 November 2022

Investment... Study the past, if you would divine the future.


My biblionautic chums and friends, please forgive the lack of posts over the last two or so weeks. I have been a little busy teaching/sharing various things with the Department of Archievs and Library Services - Barbados.

Before anything, the first image I have posted is as close to a beach as I have come and it was raining. I am not a beach person.

Recently the Department of Archives (DoA) has been on the receiving end of government investment that has resulted in the refurbishment of premises and equipment. In addition funds have been made available for training etc... 'Wait a moment' I hear you say....'A government that is investing in archives, training etc?' I know... it is hard to beleive, but it is true.
Mia Amor Mottley, SC, MP is a Barbadian politician and attorney who has served as prime minister of Barbados since 2018 and her government are investing in the preservation of the past to ensure that the history of Barbados and it's people is kept alive and available for now and the future. As Confucius said..."Study the past, if you would divine the future."

With a new main workshop, wet room, fumigation room, cold room, the dirty room ( a room for doing all those messy jobs that may make dust) and plenty of storage. It is like a new begining, though there are some materials I realise that further investment is required to up-date key equipment such as board chopper, presses etc. But what is important is the fact (from my perspective) that there is an investment in the conservation/restoration members of staff in further training.

More posts to follow.

Please note.... there are other studios/binderies doing stuff, spelling and grammar. Please further note, the opinion of the author may change at any moment. This is due to having an open mind of sort.

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