Wednesday, 27 July 2022

The Real Business of Bookbinding and Book Arts.


My biblionautic chums and friends.
The real business of bookbinding/book arts.
If I Ruled The World.
A little while ago I did a little canvas for the Chelsea Arts Club fund raiser for the charities that the club supports. To my amazement it had a few bids .... which is good.
Now it is for sale at Sotherans, a book seller in London. I was asked what I thought about it, my reply was that I am delighted for a number of reasons.. First it helped raise funds for charity. 2nd is that the person who won the work in the charity auction liked it. 3rd that someone else, in the book business, liked it enough to want it in their shop. Each step is interesting from my perspective as the value, either in the monetary sense, in the value of it as a work of book art and in the awareness of my work and perhaps book arts has increased with each step.
These are all good things. My primary income is from my work with the book, it is a job but it is still a job of work. I am delighted when someone would like to have my work. Once the work has left my hands it is not mine, what happens to it I have little or no control over, I can make suggestions of course, but ultimately it is not my call.
Please note.... there are other studios/binderies doing stuff, spelling and grammar. Please further note, the opinion of the author may change at any moment. This is due to having an open mind of sorts.


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